Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Tackle and
The fly fishing tackle and equipment you use for smallmouth bass can make the difference in success or failure.

Smallmouth Bass Fly Rods
We think the best smallmouth bass fly fishing rod is a 9 feet long, fast action rod that balances with a seven weight line. The
fly rod needs to have a strong tip to maneuver large heavy nymphs and streamers. The fast action helps to cast long
distances and in strong wind. Bulky surface deer hair bugs, a top water smallmouth favorite.

You may want to consider using a lighter rod. A 9 foot long, fast action six weight rod would be a good choice. It too, will cast
long distances and in strong wind but it won't handle large, heavy flies and streamers as well as the seven weight rod. It will
handle many, if not the majority of smallmouth bass flies you use.

The rod should be stored in a cloth bag and an aluminum tube except when you are using it fishing. This helps prevent
accidental rod breakage, particularly around your vehicle.

Smallmouth Bass Fly Reels

Smallmouth Bass Complete Outfit:

Fly Line Backing for Smallmouth Bass Reels
The Perfect Fly Hi-Tec Ultra Slim 25# test. It is braided terylene monofilament that is anti-tangle, rot proof, flourescent in color
and hollow for easy fitting. It comes in a 50 meter (55 yard) spools.  

Smallmouth Bass Fly Line

Smallmouth Bass Leaders
The Perfect Fly "Bass" tapered leaders in sizes 14, 12, 10 and 8 pound test in 7 foot lengths. Click Here For More Information

Boats for Smallmouth Bass fishing

Tube Floats for Smallmouth Bass fishing

Fish Finders for Smallmouth Bass

GPS receivers, plotters and combo units for Smallmouth Bass fishing
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Smallmouth bass fly rod
Smallmouth bass fly rod
Rod, Case and Bag: $695.00
Rod, Case and Bag: $195.00
Smallmouth bass fly rod
Complete Outfit: $479.95
Includes a Perfect Fly  7 weight, 4 piece, 9 foot, fast action Fly Rod, sock, and aluminum
case; Redington Behemoth (7/9) Fly Reel; Rio Gold, weight forward, floating fly line of matching size;
and Perfect Fly 20# Fly Line Backing. The outfits are assembled and ready to fish.
Fly Fsihing For Smallmouth Bass
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