Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Gear and Clothing
The gear and clothing you use fly fishing for smallmouth bass can be an essential part of your success or failure. For example, try
to catch a smallmouth when you fell like you are going to freeze to death, or when you are soaking wet from a cold rainstorm. Try to
enjoy a day on the water wearing a pair of leaky waders, or slipping and falling with the wrong type of soles on your wading boots.
The following provides some detailed information and helpful tips on the gear and clothing you need for smallmouth bass fishing.

Fly boxes and storage containers for fly fishing for smallmouth bass
The type of fly box you need depends on whether you are wading or fishing from a boat or a float tube. This one is the Perfect Fly

Vests and Packs for fly fishing for smallmouth bass
A fly fishing vest, day pack or sling pack can be a
very useful accessory for the smallmouth bass angler.
These are most useful for smallmouth anglers that
wade and/or use a float tube or kayak.

Waders, wading boots and wading accessories for fly fishing for smallmouth bass
Waders are (Under Construction)

Landing nets for fly fishing for smallmouth bass
A landing net isn't exactly essential for all smallmouth bass anglers,
but most would consider it necessary. It certainly helps land fish.
You would probably want a different type when fishing from a boat
than you would use wading. The Perfect Fly "Catch and Release" net
is shown to the right.
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Fly foatants and sinkants for fly fishing for smallmouth bass
Floatants are necessary for dry flies and popping bugs made of hair and feathers. Perfect Fly has a large selection of Loon
Products you may find useful.
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Fly fishing tools and accessories for fly fishing for smallmouth bass
There are several fly fishing accessories you may find useful. Zingers, to attach things to your vest or waders, Nippers to cut line,
forceps to attached weights to your line and preform dozens of other things, wader repair items and other useful items. Perfect Fly
has a good selection of accessory you may want to consider.
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Clothing and rain gear for fly fishing for smallmouth bass
Rain Coat
Rain Outfits
Wading Jacket
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Perfect fly boat fly box
Perfect fly boat fly box
HD Boat Box. It is waterproof so
you can leave it out in the boat or
kayak and it is large enough to
easy store all the large smallmouth
bass flies you could possibly need.
The HD indicates it is a heavy duty
designed click lock, plastic box that
you don't have to worry about
breaking or damaging. The Interior
size is 9 1/2 x 7 x 2 1/2 inches. It's  
tiangle style, Micro-slit foam allows
more room for the barbs of larger
hooks from size 12 to 3/0.
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Smallmouth on the line
Perfect fly fishing vest
A day pack, or combination vest and
is used by those that wade and
will be away from their vehicle or base camp
for most of the day. It can
Perfect Fly fishing vest - back
Perfect Fly fishing day pack
Perfect fly fishing day pack - back
Perfect fly catch and release net
Under Construction