Smallmouth Bass Flies
Smallmouth bass eat a huge variety of things. If they are available, and they usually are, they begin feeding on young crayfish
early in their life. They will also eat leeches, aquatic worms, tadpoles, insect larvae, frogs and waterdogs. In most all cases, a large
part of their diet consist of just about any species of smaller size fish. They will eat sculpin, suckers, bream, bluegills, perch,
shiners, smelt and many other kinds of small fish.

Although they are opportunistic feeders and will eat a lot of different things, the more your fly looks like and imitates the behavior of
the most plentiful and available food they are seeing and eating at the time, the higher your odds of success.

Many anglers don't mind spending big bucks on their fly rod, fly reel, fly line and other items of equipment used fly fishing for
smallmouth, but skimp on the price of the flies they use. You better hope the only thing the fish see is your fly, otherwise, you will
spook fish rather than catch them. Your success and/or failure is based primarily on whether or not the fish accepts your fly for
something to eat. Flies are not something you want to skimp on, or fall short on having the right ones.

Smallmouth Bass Foam Poppers
Cotton Candy Bass Popper
Key Lime Bass Popper
Lemon Bass Popper
Dark Chocolate Bass Popper

Smallmouth Bass Crayfish Flies
Brown Crayfish
Brown Crayfish with Dumbbell Eyes
Brown and White Crayfish

Smallmouth Bass Baitfish Imitations
Swimming Shad
Slider Baitfish

Smallmouth Bass Frog Bugs
Baby Popping Frog
Swimming Frog
Diving Frong
Baby Diving Frog
Baby Slider Frog

Generic and Attractor Smallmouth Bass Flies
Stealth Bomber
Murdich Minnow

Deep Damselfly Nymph

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Perfect Fly Baby Popping Frog Smallmouth Bass Fly
Perfect Fly Brown Crayfish Smallmouth Bass Fly
Top View of the Perfect Fly Brown
Crayfish with Dumbbell Eyes
Perfect Fly Baby Popping Frog
Perfect Fly Shad
Perfect Fly Murdich minnow
Perfect Fly Tequeely
Perfect Fly Deep Damselfly nymph
Stealth Bomber
Thumbnail Images: Click To Enlarge
Thumbnail Images: Click To Enlarge
Murdich Minnow
Stealth Bomber
Deep Damselfly Nymph
Key Lime Bass Popper
Key Lime Bass Popper